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Dr. Philip Young, Award Winning, Beauty Theorist & Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Dr. Young has performed over 1,400 face and neck lifts and has treated patients across 16 countries.

Dr. Philip Young is double board certified by the American Board of Head & Neck Surgery and the American Board of Laser Surgery. He is an Award Winning Beauty Theorist who discovered a New Theory on Beauty that has been published in major plastic surgery textbooks, magazines, and four peer reviewed journal articles. He has performed over 1,400 facelift and neck lifts and has treated patients from all over the world including Syria, Dubai, China, India, Korea, Japan, Lebanon, Caribbean, Italy, France, Australia, England, Canada, the Netherlands and Singapore. Learn more about us through our YouTube (Beauty Docs - drphilipyoung) and Instagram Channels (aestheticfacialplasticsurgery).

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Dr. Young’s signature minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation process. Overcome the tolls of time and discover a younger, natural looking you.

YoungVitalizer Facial Rejuvenation Bellevue

Acne Scar Vitalizer

Acne Scar Vitalizer

Dr. Philip Young’s five-seven step acne revitalization process. This multilayered approach shocks, confuses, and forces the skin and scars to reconstruct with unprecedented success.

Acne Scar Treatment Seattle



As a renowned Beauty Theorist, Dr. Young understands the profound impact of one’s nose on their overall appearance. Trust an expert with the centerpiece of your facial aesthetic.

Rhinoplasty Bellevue

Asian Specialties

Asian Specialties

With years of experience specializing in asian ethnic cosmetic surgery Dr. Young has mastered the precise techniques of Asian eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and jaw reshaping.

Asian Plastic Surgery Seattle
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Dr. Philip Young is double board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery and the American Board of Laser Surgery. Fellowship Trained by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Young’s published works have be recognized by AAFRPS with issuance of the Sir Harold Delf Gillies Award.

Dr. Young graduated Cum Laude from the University of Washington and obtained his medical degree from the prestigious Tulane University School of Medicine. Completing the Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery residency program at the University of Southern California, Dr. Young has had the fortune of working with several of Beverly Hills most accomplished physicians in the fields of reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. Attending a fellowship in facial reconstructive plastic surgery at Louisiana State University under world-renowned surgeon Dr. Frederick Stucker, Dr. Young authored his renowned work, Circles of Prominence, A New Theory on Facial Aesthetics, garnering accolades from his peers as well as the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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“I just wanted to leave a note and say that my procedure with Dr. Young approximately 6 years ago took years off my face. He did an excellent job and I am still enjoying the results. It was very much worth the downtime. I look exactly like myself, just younger. Thanks, again!”

— C.J.

“He gave me my confidence back that I thought I would never get back. I can now look in the mirror and actually love what I see and not have to deal with pitted scars in my face. If you or anyone you know who thinks they have to just live with these scars, don't!”

— Ator A.

“My procedure went great and I left the office with no concerns and all of my questions answered. I have never felt so good about myself and my appearance. I have you to thank for that Dr. Young. My new nose is perfect, I cannot thank you enough for this new look on life.”

— Nicole R.

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Our mission is to provide unwavering quality care to improve people’s lives through facial plastic surgery and the YoungVitalizer.

Dr. Philip Young, Founder of Aesthetic Facial & Body Plastic Surgery, is a renowned facial surgeon double board certified by the American Board of Head and Neck Surgery and the American Board of Laser Surgery. He is located in Seattle & Bellevue greater Metropolitan Area. Author of the award winning theory on facial beauty, “Circles of Prominence”, his profound grasp of what constitutes facial beauty provides a unique advantage to achieving superior results for his patients.

YoungVitalizer Facial Rejuvenation in Bellevue, WA

“My goal was to find a method to bring back a person’s natural youthfulness without an unnatural, operated look.”

—Dr. Philip A. Young

Award-winning Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon Philip Young M.D., originated the YoungVitalizer, a safer less-invasive procedure to decrease the signs of aging and reveal a younger and natural looking face.

Unlike traditional facelifts, the YoungVitalizer does not require long incisions and can be done without general anesthesia. Because of this approach, you usually have much less discomfort. You don't need troublesome drains. The complications are much lower, and you won't have to spend a lot of time taking care of your incisions as with older approaches. Also the YoungVitalizer can be much more affordable than traditional plastic surgery procedures. Discover a youthful appearance like you haven’t felt in years with Dr. Young’s patented, incisionless facial rejuvenation process.

Scar Protocol

Post-Surgical Scar Treatment

Scar Protocol is a five-phase scar cream system that minimizes scars after surgery.

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