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Enhance the one area that could give your face the biggest positive impact. Lip Augmentation can create that dramatic difference.

Buffalo Gull Wing Lip Lift Live Plastic Surgery Video by Seattle Bellevue's Dr Philip Young

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Beauty is possibly the most important element that can impact every area of our life. It can determine how favored we are during childhood by our parents and teachers. It stratisfies us academically during elementary school which is solidified in adolescence. By the time we reach high school, we have accumulated massive amounts of psychosocial resources either good or bad that will likely determine our fate for the rest of our lives.

When it comes to our face, the 3 most important areas are the eyes, nose and mouth. The mouth is likely the most animalistic and primitive. Because of this, lip augmentation can sometimes have the most impact on our sexuality over all other areas of the face. This is why lip augmentation has likely become so popular because of this effect it can have.

Permanent Lip Augmentation Options: There are many options to permanently enhance your lips. Silicone Implants have become more popular. Perma Lip Implants are a very popular brand of silicone implants that are placed through the corners of your lips. They can be placed either under local anesthesia (local numbing) or with the addition of some sedation with either an IV or through general anesthesia. The recovery is relatively faster than the other permanent options, the drawbacks can be the solid nature of the implants. A small percentage of people (less than 5%) don't like the way they feel. Lip Augmentation with Fat grafting is another permanent option. This choice can result in a more natural feel and look. Some surgeons feel that survival is an issue. We have been doing fat grafting for over 17 years and we have a lot of experience getting great results with this technique. The main drawback for this method is the recovery. We have a Fat grafting Healing Diary for you to see in regards to recovery. A VY advancement Lip Augmentation is a more invasive approach that I often use for my transgender clientele. This entails making small incisions inside the lips in a V shape. Where the top of the V represents the area you want to make bigger. This part of the V is then elevated and advanced to a Y shape. A Lip Reduction is a procedure that involves making your lips smaller by cutting out a portion of the lips in just the right way to reduce it to make it look better. Some people have either the lower or upper lips bigger than ideal. We have a better idea of this through our knowledge on facial beauty. With this knowledge we can bring out the most beauty within your lips. Sometimes making one of the lips smaller and the other bigger may be the secret to your success. We can discuss this in detail more in person or through a virtual consultation. An Upper Lip Lift or specifically a Buffalo / Gull Wing Lip Lift is another way of augmenting the lips through the removal of your skin portion of your lips (or philtrum) just under your nose. When this portion of your lips is too long it can make you look old, masculine and your face longer, less attractive. This procedure, sometimes can dramatically improve your looks and also make you look much younger. For some people, your lips can be off balance with the center being much larger than the lateral outside portion of the lips. A Corner of the lip lift can markedly improve this situation by making the lateral parts of your lips bigger. This procedure is done just above your lips at the corners. There is a way to also change the muscles here to give you a very small partial smile. This is called the Lip lipt from Korea. This new type of corner of the lip lift involves switching the muscles that lower your corners to the muscles that raise the corners. The purpose of this lip lift is that the balance of lowering and raising leads to a more raising of the corners. The Extended Corner of the Lip Lift can also be used to help with the marionette lines as well if you are okay with an incision that extends past your lip corners. This is similar to the corner of the lip lift except the incisions extend past the corners and encompass. The effect is to reduce the folds and improve the marionette looking wrinkles.

If you are interested in a lip augmentation, you can email, call 425-990-3223 or text 425-341-3893 to set up an appointment. If you live out of town, we can schedule a phone consultation with you.

Lip augmentation other procedures before photo from Dr Philip Young in Bellevue Washington

Before Brow lift, Browbone Shaving, Chin Reduction and VY Advancement Lip Augmentation With Buffalo Gull Wing Lip Lift Frontal View

Lip augmentation other procedures After photo from Dr Philip Young in Bellevue Washington

After Brow lift, Browbone Shaving, Chin Reduction and VY Advancement Lip Augmentation With Buffalo Gull Wing Lip Lift Frontal View

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The Buffalo | Gull Wing Lip Lift can be considered for lip augmentation whenver the distance from the upper lip and bottom of the nose is larger than the colored part of the eye. (Read more about Dr. Philip Young’s Theory on Facial Beauty). One of the tell tale signs of aging is the lengthening of the upper lip. With volume loss around the mouth and in the perioral | lip structures, the lip lengthens. Plumping the lip up with fillers | fat injections and the YoungVitalizer are options to rejuvenate the lip by adding volume and creating some type of roll to evert the lips. This eversion and rolling will increase the amount of red lip seen. This eversion of the lip can also shorten the distance from the bottom of the nose to the top of the lip, but sometimes this can't shorten this distance enough and this is where the lip lift can come in to play. Sometimes the eversion can’t evert the lips enough. This is when we start considering the VY advancement procedure for lip augmentation.

“I just wanted to leave a note and say that my procedure with Dr. Young approximately 6 years ago took years off my face. He did an excellent job and I am still enjoying the results. It was very much worth the downtime. I look exactly like myself, just younger. Thanks, again!”

— C.J., 40’s caucasian female from North Lynnwood, WA

“He gave me my confidence back that I thought I would never get back. I can now look in the mirror and actually love what I see and not have to deal with pitted scars in my face. If you or anyone you know who thinks they have to just live with these scars, don't!”

— Ator A., 20’s Eastern Indian from Ontario, Canada

“My procedure went great and I left the office with no concerns and all of my questions answered. I have never felt so good about myself and my appearance. I have you to thank for that Dr. Young. My new nose is perfect, I cannot thank you enough for this new look on life.”

— Nicole R., Fabulous Rhinoplasty

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