Tracheal Shave in Bellevue & Seattle

Dr. Philip Young is a double board certified surgeon and a published author, who is an expert in transgender facial feminization/masculinization. He has over 16 years of experience treating the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.


Dr. Young has attracted people from around the world (Australia, China, England, Germany, Japan, Korea and the Netherlands).

Dr. Young is the founder of a groundbreaking new theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence. This theory give us an incredible advantage in helping you look feminine and masculine in the most beautiful way possible.

Feel More Confident and throw away your self consciousness about your looks. A Tracheal Shave, Chondrolaryngoplasty, can improve the appearance of your neck and help you look more like how you feel inside.

“My goal was to find a method to bring back a person’s natural youthfulness without the operated, unnatural look and that is why I have my patients bring in photos of them when they were age 5 to 30. My YoungVitalizer helps restore natural and youthful contours they haven’t seen in years.”

—Dr. Philip Young, Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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Meet Dr Philip Young, Best Plastic Surgeon in Bellevue And Seattle, WA

Below is a picture during the Tracheal shave procedure or more appropriately called a Chondrolaryngoplasty. This is an actual picture of one of Dr. Young’s patients in a procedure. We will have a before and after posted as soon as possible of this person’s Tracheal Shave | Chondrolaryngoplasty once the patient comes in:

Tracheal Shave Picture in Surgery

Actual Patient of Dr. Philip Young during a Tracheal Shave Procedure in Surgery

Below is a picture of the neck and where the thyroid cartilage is located. The procedure is relatively quick and the exposure is a simple approach. The procedure can often be done in 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. The blue arrow is pointing to the thyroid cartilage:

Anatomy of the Neck and Location of Thyroid Cartilage in Chondrolaryngoplasty

Anatomy of the Neck and Location of Thyroid Cartilage in Chondrolaryngoplasty

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