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Learn How Beauty Gives you Advantages in Life

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Love and Companionship

Physically attractive women are more likely to:

Socially and Being Liked

Studies have shown that the beautiful are perceived as:

Whereas the unattractive are perceived as:

“My goal was to find a method to bring back a person’s natural youthfulness without the operated, unnatural look and that is why I have my patients bring in photos of them when they were age 5 to 30. My YoungVitalizer helps restore natural and youthful contours they haven’t seen in years.”

—Dr. Philip Young, Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon

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People who look better are more likely to get more job offers and get promoted faster in their job. Better looking people are more likely to be earning $230,000 more in a lifetime than someone who is not as good looking.


Time (3/30/2011) wrote an article discussing a new series of studies that show attractive people earn more money and marry better looking spouses, and that the economic benefits of being good looking make them happier than their homely counterparts.


There are numerous studies on how happiness is related to better health. Because beauty can lead to happiness, you can draw the conclusion that it is highly possible that Beauty can lead to better health.

Status and Prestige

Fifty-seven percent of hiring managers told NEWSWEEK that qualified but unattractive candidates are likely to have a harder time landing a job, while more than half advised spending as much time and money on “making sure they look attractive” as on perfecting a resume. Beauty has been commonly thought to have an impact on at least 2 different presidential elections: 1960 Nixon-Kennedy, and 1992 Bush-Clinton, where the more charismatic and better looking candidate won.

More on Being Liked

The more beautiful are liked more and found to be more trustworthy. Looks offer a way for us to ascertain a lot of attributes within a person. Beautiful people are typically treated better by others.In a study from Harvard University, researchers found that wearing makeup, shown to enhance a woman’s attractiveness, boosted people’s perceptions of that subject’s competence, likability, attractiveness, and trustworthiness.

“I just wanted to leave a note and say that my procedure with Dr. Young approximately 6 years ago took years off my face. He did an excellent job and I am still enjoying the results. It was very much worth the downtime. I look exactly like myself, just younger. Thanks, again!”

— C.J., 40’s caucasian female from North Lynnwood, WA

“He gave me my confidence back that I thought I would never get back. I can now look in the mirror and actually love what I see and not have to deal with pitted scars in my face. If you or anyone you know who thinks they have to just live with these scars, don't!”

— Ator A., 20’s Eastern Indian from Ontario, Canada

“My procedure went great and I left the office with no concerns and all of my questions answered. I have never felt so good about myself and my appearance. I have you to thank for that Dr. Young. My new nose is perfect, I cannot thank you enough for this new look on life.”

— Nicole R., Fabulous Rhinoplasty

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