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Lip thinning & reduction can actually be the procedure that enhances your beauty more than actually filling and enlarging your lips. Dr. Young is the founder of a new theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence. During his training, he discovered that plastic surgeons were still using theories that were founded in the 1400′s.

Dr. Young received the Sir Harold Delf Gillies Award for his theory from the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Based on Dr. Young's theory on facial beauty, your upper lip should be half an iris width in height and the lower lip should be one iris width in height ideally.

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What are the ideals that make up a beautiful lip? Take a look at yourself and see if you can notice where the light hits your lips? Take a look at the pictures of models and actresses and you will find that the lower lip is where the light hits the most. Our eyes are attracted to the light making the lower lip the most important part of your mouth in terms of aesthetics. And so, the lower lip should be bigger.

Based on the Circles of Prominence, the lower lip should be twice the size of the upper lip. You can learn more about the aesthetics of the lips when you come in for a consultation with Dr. Young. Based on these theories, we can determine if lip reduction and thinning or lip filling and augmentation is best for you. Follow this link to learn more about Dr. Young's Theory on Facial Beauty Called the Circles of Prominence.

Before Lip Thinning Reduction for this African Black American

After Lip Thinning Reduction for this African Black American 6 months after the procedure

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“I just wanted to leave a note and say that my procedure with Dr. Young approximately 6 years ago took years off my face. He did an excellent job and I am still enjoying the results. It was very much worth the downtime. I look exactly like myself, just younger. Thanks, again!”

— C.J., 40’s caucasian female from North Lynnwood, WA

“He gave me my confidence back that I thought I would never get back. I can now look in the mirror and actually love what I see and not have to deal with pitted scars in my face. If you or anyone you know who thinks they have to just live with these scars, don't!”

— Ator A., 20’s Eastern Indian from Ontario, Canada

“My procedure went great and I left the office with no concerns and all of my questions answered. I have never felt so good about myself and my appearance. I have you to thank for that Dr. Young. My new nose is perfect, I cannot thank you enough for this new look on life.”

— Nicole R., Fabulous Rhinoplasty

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